Themis initiated its E&S Advisory Panel, putting the Environment, Social & Governance at the forefront of its investment making process.

Casablanca, 20 December 2018- Neo Themis (“Themis”) has factored ESG considerations into its investment decisions and portfolio management strategies since the beginning of its operations in 2013. ESG issues have not considered as niche but as mainstream pillar for Themis operations as part of its responsible investment philosophy. ESG considerations are fully embedded in all stages of the investment cycle, from deal selection to project development, construction monitoring and operations. Themis has developed a state of art Environmental and Social Management System and proper quarterly reporting to its Advisory Board and investors. Themis’ Investment directors work closely with our ESG managers and reputable third-party advisers. The establishment of this E&S Advisory Panel enhances the investment process and ultimately increases the ability of projects to meet the highest standards.

The E&S Advisory Panel, fully conversant with the policies of all major International Financing Institutions and Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations, is composed of three seasoned experts with at 25 years plus of expertise in environmental and social performance. The panel includes extraordinary industry veterans Pierre Biedermann, Frédéric Giovannetti and Kurt Lonsway. The E&S Advisory Panel and the E&S team of Themis will be working hand to hand to ensure the full compliance with Themis’ Environmental and Social Management System based on the best industry E&S practices.

Having previously worked for different stakeholders involved in the development of large-scale projects, such as institutional investors, international financing institutions, NGOs, contractors and consulting firms, together they bring invaluable expertise in terms of environmental management, biodiversity assessments, social and resettlement.

“Pierre, Frederic and Kurt are widely-recognized industry leaders with a wealth of experience in a broad range of ESG issues, including climate change, biodiversity, social and resettlement. They have been an active member of a wide variety of ESG networks and leading international institutions and have been instrumental in helping emerging markets to implement environmentally and socially sustainable projects. Their experience of working across a wide range of asset classes as well as a deep technical understanding of E&S issues will help grow and evolve our investments in a sustainable way. Attracting such experienced professionals as Pierre, Frederic and Kurt’s to join Themis is an endorsement of our embedded ESG approach.”

Pierre, member of the French Committee on large dams, ICOLD, was the lead writer of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s “Environmental and Social Guidance Note for Hydropower Projects” in 2016. He is providing his 25 years expertise in managing E&S safeguards while giving guidance in the effective implementation of Environmental and Social Action Plans, Environmental and Social Management Plans and Biodiversity Action Plans.

Frederic is a leading social and resettlement specialist with 35 years of experience gained through practical project experience in about 60 countries. Among many responsibilities, he has worked on several large projects worldwide, he handled community based rural development projects, prepared several Resettlement Action Plans and managed their implementation.

Kurt is bringing his 36 years of international environment and social advisory experience gained through leading DFIs including African Development Bank and private sector companies environmental and social departments. He previously acted as the Vice President of the Green Climate Fund, implementing agency of Conservation International. He also served as the Manager of Environment and Climate Change Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department of the African Development Bank being responsible for most of the climate finance platform of the bank.


About Themis

Themis is a leading project developer and investor with an exclusive focus on incremental renewable power generation assets in Sub Saharan Africa. The team, headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco, has a proven track record in Africa and extensive execution capabilities. Themis landmark references include the EUR195 million 44MW hydroelectric plant in Côte d’Ivoire, which reached financial close in 2018 and the USD900 million 200MW hydroelectric plant in Madagascar which is in financing stage.