Themis sets its investment policy to protect the environment, people and the communities where projects are developed or operate, as well as ensuring good governance practices.

Casablanca, 11 December 2018 – Neo Themis (“Themis”) held its yearly ESG training presented by Environmental Resources Management a leading global provider of Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk, Social and Sustainability Consulting Services firm. The full day training aimed at identifying environmental and social risks and opportunities on projects portfolio and suitable mitigation measures to manage those E&S risks. The training also focused on latest developments in the Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk, Social and Sustainability space.

Themis ensures that its team is well-updated on ESG matters in order to develop projects that are compliant with national laws, regulations, conventions applicable in the hosting country, but also with the international standards. The ESG training is at the core of this policy to ensure Themis project team and in-house E&S Managers are always up to date with latest E&S best practices. AT Themis, ESG is directly integrated along the decision-making process and the training helped the team identify and implement E&S opportunities and create sustainable enhancement to the overall portfolio performance.

About Themis

Themis is a leading project developer and investor with an exclusive focus on incremental renewable power generation assets in Sub Saharan Africa. The team, headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco, has a proven track record in Africa and extensive execution capabilities. Themis landmark references include the EUR195 million 44MW hydroelectric plant in Côte d’Ivoire, which reached financial close in 2018 and the USD900 million 200MW hydroelectric plant in Madagascar which is in financing stage.